Variable Image Printing

When you have a message to deliver, getting the recipient to even bother reading it is often the biggest hurdle. With variable data, specifically variable image, readership rates dramatically increase. Image Based Variable involves embedding original information such as the recipient's name in an image. With variable data, the possibilities are endless; entire pictures and themes can change based on the data you have.

For some examples of what we can do with variable imaging, check out our calendars. Each fall at RESCO, we create wall calendars that are customized to each recipient with every month's image uniquely printed for the recipient. Check out each one: 2012 Variable Image Calendar, 2011 Variable Image Calendar and 2010 Variable Image Calendar promoting our variable data capabilities.

2011 Calendar

for more info on Variable Image Printing. If you wish to speak to someone about Image Based Variable, call us at 800.967.1780.