TeleService: Inbound &

Personal follow-up is a valuable resource.

  • Inbound call center for customer service support
  • Outbound services including:
    • Follow-up on sampling activity
    • Gain qualified sales leads
    • Survey product features/benefits, demo results, usage, competitive information, operator/segment feedback, etc.
    • Audit and compliance
    • Place operator merchandising programs
    • Event coordination and follow-up
    • Reports and analysis

A valuable tool to the Foodservice Industry, teleservice provides follow-up on sample requests as well as reporting industry trends, likes and dislikes. We offer script development to achieve responses valuable to data analysis.

They say “Data is knowledge and knowledge is power.” If that’s the case, consider RESCO for your data entry or list procurement. We have the resources to create a custom database for you to reach specific target markets to help extend your marketing and sales reach.

for more info on Inbound and Outbound Teleservices. If you wish to speak to someone about Teleservice, call us at 800.967.1780.