Eco-Friendly Thermal Shippers

At RESCO, we understand the importance of protecting our environment and make it a priority to use materials that lessen our impact on the environment. We ship all of our frozen and refrigerated samples in eco-friendly, reusable thermal packaging, and we can work with you to determine the most cost effective and environmentally-friendly packaging for your refrigerated and frozen needs.

It’s new, it’s Blue and it’s Green! Here at RESCO we use Blue, a product manufactured by a RESCO business partner, because it is the most sustainable shipping container in its class. It is made up of organic “rock” that is superheated into ash and packed into a biodegradable plastic. Unlike the most commonly used Styrofoam thermal packaging that takes hundreds of years to break down, Blue breaks down in just months. On top of that, Blue has increased thermal properties which allow us to ship via two-day air, using dry ice for the frozen packages, versus overnight shipping.

for more info on Eco-Friendly Thermal Shippers. If you wish to speak to someone about Eco-Friendly Shipping, call us at 800.967.1780.