Rebate Fulfillment

RESCO has been processing foodservice rebates since 1981 for some of the industry's best known manufacturers. In an effort to support sales and marketing efforts rebates achieve the following:

  • Identify the customers who actually use your product in their operation. Because your point of sales is a distributor, typically you don't know who the actual customer is.
  • Use rebates to entice operator purchase.
  • Use as a defensive tactic to fend off competition based on cost.
  • Creates a talk piece for the Distributor Sales Representative (DSR).

We have a system in place for screening rebate requests for compliance, quick turnaround on legitimate claims and hold process for those that need additional information. We are set up to write numerous checks on your behalf. We preprint check stock with your name and logo and open an account to disperse funds. We manage your funds with full accounting and supply reports so you know where your dollars are used.

for more info on Rebate Fulfillment Services. If you wish to speak to someone about Rebate Fulfillment, call us at 800.967.1780.