If you’re looking for ways to successfully target markets, increase response rates and get premium results with your direct marketing budget, count on RESCO.

Reach your specific targeted markets with our List Creation Services. We research, listen and build your list according to you, to better reach the right person with the right message at the right time.

Business & Consumer Leads: We’ll help identify your best prospects, target specific industries or households, and help match the characteristics of your best customers, resulting in effective marketing campaigns and better response rates.

  • Niche Markets
  • Specific Demographics
  • Company or Consumer Profiles
  • Purchasing Decision Makers
  • and More!

We don’t just stop after procuring a list specific to your needs; we track your list results as well. Whether you want specific demographics pulled, response rates, purchased items or email clicks surveyed, we have the resources to do it all.

Count on RESCO for cost-effective campaigns utilizing our Postal Discounts and Address Verifications, just to name a few, offered through our Mailing Services.

for more info on List Acquisition and Management. If you wish to speak to someone about obtaining and managing lists, call us at 800.967.1780.