QR Codes

What is with those funny looking blocks you're seeing pop up everywhere? Though there are a variety of 2d codes, most common is the QR Code. QR stands for quick response, meaning you can use them to provide a quick response to customers or potential clients. Smart phones are expected to outnumber all other mobile phones by the end of 2011, so it's becoming more feasible and advantageous to use QR Codes. The key is to find an effective use.

The beauty of the QR Code, is that it marries the printed world to the digital world by making static objects link to multimedia content. QR Codes can link to a variety of sources, but most often link to a URL where an optimized page can display video, ask for information, display product info, promote a special or any number of options.

At RESCO, not only do we create QR Codes, but we customize them, track them, and build entire marketing campaigns around them.

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